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Nice to meet you.

We are described about Ryotei Yagi. Ryotei Yagi is established in 1953 and closed in 2010. We had been open the shop for 57years.

Ryotei is provide the highest grade of dish in Japan. Since long ago Ryotei has been strictly hospitality education to welcome customers traditionally.

Of course, we also offer dishes with extreme caution. Of course,cuisine are provided with the highest ranked, it is served in the best dinner set.Japanese cuisine requires training for a long time.

A cook is divided into how to wash fish, serve dishes up, cut the fish, how to burn the fish,simmer the fish and the vegetable, and A head chef. They practice to cut sharply with Japanese kitchen knife. They practiced coloring vegetables using a salt and boiled hot water.

We will post lots of pictures and recipes from now on so please take a look.

Ryotei Yagi


Ryotei Yagi