Boiled Rock Fish

The rock fish is said to be a fish telling spring, in Japan. The early spring, Rock fish begin to appear in the market. This fish is a without habit and very delicious. This time I will introduce the rock fish that make cooking with a little bit strong taste.


  • Rock fish
  • Bamboo shoots
  • Burdock
  • Seasonal vegetables such as lotus
  • Dried kelp


  • Soy sauce
  • Sweet sake
  • Japanese Sake
  • Tamari (rice soy sauce)

How To Make

  1. Remove the scale and visceral organ.
  2. Wash with the water, and wipe off the water.
  3. Make a cut the fish from leaning to the right in the lower left direction with cut 2 point by the kitchen knives.
  4. Put on boiling hot water, and remove the scale, dire and lye carefully while running water.
  5. Put dried kelp into a bottom of the pot.
  6. Put vegetables (bamboo shoots, burdocks, lotus root etc) on ⑤.
  7. Place the fish on ⑥.
  8. Put 3 cups of Japanese soup stock , 3 cups of the sake to top the fish first.
  9. Cove with a Drop- lid and boil with high heat and remove the scum.
  10. Next, add 1 cup of sweet sake, and boil with high heat and remove the scum.
  11. Put 0.7 cup of the soy sauce, and boil with high heat and remove the scum.
  12. Drop it on a low heat and remove the scum.
  13. Put the soup stork simmered on the fish, and simmer.
  14. Finally, if it feel that the taste is thin, add a little bit of soy sauce, and Tamari soy sauce.
  15. Put the soup from top of the fish, and soup until boil down.
When you cook at home, gas firepower is weak, Please make the ratio of soy sauce to 0.45 cup.
When putting seasoning, please be sure put into the SAKE first, and Alcohol spreads the cells of the fish. Secondly, By adding sweet sake,When sweetness of sweet sake into enter the cell, The cell is closed.By adding soy sauce to closed cells, it will be moderate a test. and If put soy sauce before the sweet sake, at finished, soy sauce taste is strong.
If you put the soy sauce before sweet sake, the taste becomes very hot.

About ratio of seasoning

Calculate the seasoning ratio of seasoning by comparison. Even if the size of a measuring cup or the vessel changes according to the number of people, the taste does not change.

Please do drop-lid by all means.

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