The season of the abalone is from July to September in Japan.
We provided it as the first dish of the KAISEKI cuisine at summer hot time.
The abalone-toufu is one article to match well at summer hot time.


  • Abalone
  • Kelp
  • Yoshino-Kuzu
  • Spinach
  • Japanese RadishCayenne pepper powder
  • Grated radish with cayenne pepper powderChopping fine leek

 How To Make

  1.  Abalone has males and females.
  2. Please choose a blue surface of the abalone body.
  3. First ,add salt to abalone, and rub it with a scrub brush.
  4. Wash it with water, and wipe off the water.
  5. push between the body and the shell of the abalone by the spatula and Remove the shell.
  6. Divide the abalone into the body and the liver.
  7. Abalone rubbed using by the grinding bowl.
  8. The liver boil once. and strain it.
  9. Mix ⑦ and ⑧ together, and strain it again.
  10. Make the blue hotchpotch, and mix into ⑨.
  11. Kelp is soaked in the water for 24 hours.
  12. YOSHINO-KUZU is soaked in the water for 24 hours.
  13. Mix 10 cups of the kelp water of ⑫ and 1 cup of Yoshino kudzu water of ⑬, and mix it by the double pot slowly.
  14. When the kelp water becomes into like a jam form, and add 1 cup of the rubbed abalone,and mix it.
  15. Pour ⑪ into a flow can or a storage containers and cool it.
  16. Cut it at the 6cm(2.4in) square if completed.
  17. Attach a YAKUMI (spice) to WARI-PONZU, or Dissolve the WASABI in WARI-SHIYOYU, and take it.

Blue hotchpotch

  1. Put a little of salt in a leaf of the spinach.
  2. Rub and grind it with bowl.
  3. Put the juice which strained in a pan.
  4. Add water, when the water boil, skim off.
  5. Move skim to gauze, cool it with water, and squeeze water.

Mix 1cup of TOSA-ZU, 1 cup of PONZU, a little of sweet sake, a little of Light color soy source.


  1. Mix 5 cups of Japanese soup stock, 2 cups of sweet sake, 3 cups of vinegar, and put in the kelp, and simmer it.
  2. Remove the kelp when the soup boils.
  3. Insert dried slice bonito.


  1. When seasoned soup stock boiled, put a dry sliced bonito into the pot.
  2. Lower the heat once, cook it over a low heat, and stop the heat, wait until a dry sliced bonito sinks.
  3. A dry sliced Bonito sinks, filter it through a lead and cool.

PONZU (citrus sauce)

  1. 1Mix 7200ml(1.5 gal) of SUDACH, 7200ml(1.5 gal) of YUZU, 14400ml(3 gal)of vinegar, 27000ml(7gl) of soy sauce, 1800ml(0.5 gal) of Tamari(rice soy sauce), 3600ml(1 gal) of sweet sake.
  2. Put konbu and dried slice bonito in thick-baked soy sauce and 8 piece of lemon.
  3. Put to about 3 months.
  4. Soy sauce, ponzu, vinegar etc together and put it for another 3 months.

chick the taste again when it’s finished.

Ponzu percentage of household

  1. Mix 900ml (30.4 oz) of SUDACH, 900ml (30.4 oz) of YUZU, 900ml(30.4 oz) of vinegar, 1620ml(54.7oz) of soy sauce, 11ml(0.37oz) of Tamari(rice soy sauce), 230ml(7.7oz) of sweet sake.
  2. Put the kelp and dried slice bonito in thick-baked soy sauce and 1/8 piece of the lemon.
  3. Put to about 3 months.
  4. Soy sauce, ponzu, vinegar together and put it for another 3 months.


attach grated radish with red pepper and chopping fine green leek.


When make many PONZU, it can be keep in the refrigerator for Long times. In this case, please do not put moisture or water into the PONZU. If put moisture or water into the PONZU, it will be decay.


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