Grilled sweet fish (AYU) with a salt

A sweetfish is the river fish which is the most famous in Japan.
The season is from June to August. In about July, the bone of the sweetfish is soft, It can all eat every bone.
Ayu has natural products and aquaculture, because natural products eat river moss,
Taste is different by a harvested river.
The aquaculture is dumpy and a little oily. Today we will introduce the grilled sweet fish with a salt.


  • Sweet Fish
  • Natural salt
  • Rice


  • Natural salt
  • Rice vinegar


  1. Please choose the sweet fish which have good quality and freshness.
  2. When you push the stomach of sweet fish, choose the hard belly.
  3. Remove the scales lightly at the tip of the kitchen knife.
  4. Push the part of the stomach, squeeze out the feces.
  5. Shoot the matal skewer or a bamboo skewer like a fan.
  6. The sweet fish do a KESHIXYOU-JIO ( Cosmetic Salt) on the tail and fin.
  7. Sprinkle salt on fish from the top of about 12in hight.
  8. Bake it over a high far heat.


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