The yellowtail is called a fish whose name changes as grow up in japan. And fish changes name four times as baby yellowtail, small sized yellowtail, middle sized yellowtail, yellowtajl The season of the yellowtail is from December to January and it is the most delicious period.


  • Yellowtail
  • Sauce for fish

How to make

  1. Wash the yellowtail in water, and wipe off the water.
  2. Cut the yellowtail into the three pieces.
  3. Cut it in thickness of 2.5~3cm(1in~1.2in).
  4. Roast the yellowtail without attaching fish sauce once.
  5. Cook over medium heat until the yellowtail are burn on both sides.
  6. Put the fish sauce over the both sides.
  7. And low heat once again, over both sides, and repeat three times.
  8. Place on a plate, and put the fish sauce over the top.


  1. Turn the head of the yellowtail to the right.
  2. Pierce the tip of the kitchen knife to behind the chest fin from the head joint.
  3. Cut it diagonally from the upper left to the lower right.
  4. Next, turn the fish to the back side.
  5. Doing the same work as in ③, the stomach side to the up side down, and cut off the joint of the bone in a head side.
  6. Turn the head to the left, and cut the stomach of the fish, and take out the internal organs.
  7. Cut the thin skin along a middle bone, and wash a fish in water, remove the blood and the dirt.
  8. Wipe off the moisture.
  9. Point the fish head side to the right.
  10. Put the tip of kitchen knife in from the ventral side of the head side.
  11. Cut along the middle bone to the tail, and separate one’s body.
  12. In this worked, bones are left on a piece of the half side of fish.(Then this is two sheets of cut down the fish.)
  13. Put the back side of the fish in front.
  14. Cut along the middle bone from the back side to the tail.
  15. Separate the one’s body.
  16. Since the bone remains on the ventral side of the fish, it remove the bone along the ventral side.
  17. Turn over the bone side of the fish.
  18. Next, doing the same work as ⑩~⑪.
  19. Since the bone remains on the ventral side of the another piece of the fish, it remove the bone along the belly.
  20. This is a method which cut the fish into the three pieces.

NOTE:In case of the home use.

Full size of the yellowtail is too big, Please buy a slice in a supermarket.

Sauce of the fish for home use

  1. Mix 5 cups of sweet sake ( NIKIRI ), 0.9 cup of soy sauce, 1.25cups of tamari rice soy sauce, and simmer it.
  2. Insert the dried slice bonito.


Set fire to sweet sake and pull out alcohol.


Mix seasoning and cook once、by doing a SASHIGATUO into the seasoned soup, the taste will be even better. And It is often used to make soups such as TEMPURA – DASHI, IREDASHI etc.


  1. When seasoned the soup stock boiled, put a dry sliced bonito into the pot.
  2. Lower the heat once, cook it over a low heat, and stop the heat, wait until a dry sliced bonito sinks.
  3. A dry sliced Bonito sinks, filter it through a lead and warm it.



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