The season of the turban shell is from April to August. Turban shell has various dishes. Today we will introduce the TURBAN SHELL SHINPI-YAKI.


  • Turban Shell
  • Carrot
  • Bamboo shoots
  • Shiitake mushroom
  • Quail egg


  • Japanese Soup stock
  • Soy Source
  • Light Color Soy Source
  • Sweet Sake
  • Sake

How To Make

  1. Mix 8cups of Japanese soup stock, 0.5 cup of soy source, 0.5 cup of light color soy source, 1 cup of sake.
  2. Remove the meat of turban shell from husk.
  3. Simmer the body and liver separately with ①.
  4. Make a carrot, a bamboo shoot, a shiitake mushroom cut into long thin strips.
  5. Put ④and ⑤ into the shell together.
  6. Put the soup of ① into ⑤, and grill it medium heat.
  7. Put the quail egg on ⑥.
When you bake it at home, please use a grill or an oven.

About the comparison ratio to seasoning

The seasoning ratio of seasoning displays it by a comparison calculation, please change the size of a measuring cup or the vessel according to the Number of people.


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