The season of the corn is from Jun to September. The corn in Hokkaido, at this time is sweet and very delicious. Today we will introduce the CORN OF THE KAKIAG.


  • Corn
  • Shiso leaves
  • Egg
  • Flour
  • tempura flour
  • Japanese radish
  • Dried Slice Bonito


  • Japanese soup stock
  • Light color soy source
  • Sweet Ske
  • rapeseed oil

How To Make

  1. The corn takes it to pieces.
  2. Chop the Shiso-Leaves.
  3. Mix a yolk with Japanese soup stock.
  4. Make a double pot, and put ice in the outside pot.
  5. Put ③ into outer pan, rotate it, and cool the soup stock.
  6. cover with lightly flour to the corn and the shiso- leaves.
  7. Put the tempura powder which sieve by a mesh into ⑤, and mix lightly so that the air mixes.
  8. Set the tempura oil temperature to 170℃(338F )degrees、and deep fried ⑦ with the light flour.
  9. When you take the corn of the KAKIAGE(deep fried corn), use in the Iridashi or salt.


Mix 6 cups of the japanese soup stock, 1cup of the light color soy source、1 cop of the sweet sake、and insert the bonito.

Insere bonito SASHI-KATUTO

  1. When seasoned the soup stock boiled, put a dry sliced bonito into the pot.
  2. Lower the heat once, cook it over a low heat, and stop the heat, wait until a dry sliced bonito sinks.
  3. A dry sliced bonito sinks, filter it through a lead and warm.

About ratio of seasoning

Calculate the seasoning ratio of seasoning by comparison. Even if the size of a measuring cup or the vessel changes according to the number of people, the taste does not change.


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