TOSAAGE-TOUF is cooked with tofu mainly. This dish can be cooked easily even at home. Please try to cook once at your home. This cooking is very popular with children.


  • Fine-Grained Tofu
  • Top quality Dried Slice Bonito
  • Ginger
  • Japanese Radish
  • Japanese Red Pepper
  • Thread Dried Slice Bonito(ITO-KATUO)
  • Cutting which is long and sliced Seaweed(KIRI-NORI)
  • Yoshino Arrowroot (YOSHIO-KUZU)


  • Japanese Soup Stock
  • Soy Source
  • Sweet Sake

How To Make

  1. Cut the tofu into 6 pieces, and tofu uses three pieces.
  2. Cover with top quality dried slice bonito to the TOUF.
  3. Cover above ② with the potato starch, and deep frying with the salad oil.
  4. Rub the radish, and squeeze water, and mix the red pepper.
  5. Chopping fine green spring onion, Cutting which is long and sliced seaweed, and rub the ginger.
  6. Make soup stock of the tempura, and put YOSHIO-KUZU into the soup stock, and mix it.
  7. Make YOSHINI-AN by thicken with ⑥.
  8. Put into ⑦ from the side of TOSA-AGE TOUFU.
  9. Place chopping fine green spring onion, cutting which is long and sliced seaweed, rub the ginger, and MOMIJI-OROSHI on top of tofu.

Soup Stock Of The Tempura(TENDASHI)

  1. Mix with 4.5 cups of the soup soup, 1 cup of the sweet sake, 1 cup of the light color soy source, and simmer it.
  2. Put the dried slice bonito ( SASHI-GATUO), simmer it.
  3. dissolved YOSHINO-KUZU with the water, put into ②, and make YOSHINO-AN.


  1. Make the Tempura soup stock.
  2. Dissolved YOSHINO-KUZU with the water, put it in a ① , and make a KUZU-SOURCE ( YOSHINO-AN).

YOSHIO-Kuzu way of dissolving

Mix seasoning and cook once、put SASHIGATUO into seasoned soup, and dissolved YOSHIO-KUZU by water, then into the mixed soup stock.Yoshino-kudzu and water are the same amount.



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