Butter frying of the abalone (AWABI-BATA YAKI)

The butter firing of an abalone introducing this time, Cut the burdock into a very thin slice、and stir fry it.
In the finish, put many more minced green leeks in the pan, The abalone becomes very tasty which is mix with the taste of burdock and the green leek.


  • Abalone
  • a burdock
  • Shiitake-mushroom
  • Green Leek
  • Citrus sudachi


  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Starce
  • Butter

How To Make

  1.  The abalone picks the one whose surface is blue.
  2. First add salt to abalone, Rub it with rubbing brush to remove dirt, And wipe off the water.
  3. Push between the body and the shell of the abalone by the spatula and, remove the shell.
  4. Divide the abalone into the body and the liver.
  5. The abalone cuts into the bite-sized chunks, and cut the liver to suitable size.
  6. Sprinkle a little of salt and pepper to ⑤, and cover with the potato starch.
  7. Wash the burdock, and cut the burdock into a very thin slice.
  8. The wrapping the green leeks by the bamboo rolling mat, and chop the green leeks very thinly.
  9. Cut a SITKE‐MUSHROOM into thinly long pieces.
  10. Spread salad oil on frying pan bread, put ⑥ and stir fry.
  11. If ⑩ Stir fry about 80%、put in ⑦, ⑨ and plenty of butter.
  12. ⑪ is season it with a salt, and put in ⑧.
  13. Put the lemon or the SUDACHI on the side of butter frying of the abalone.


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