In Japanese, the spanish mackerel has twice seasons in year that is an autumn and in the spring .
We will introduce Spanish mackerel(SAWARA)NO SAIKIYOU-ZUKE in this time.


  • Spanish mackerel
  • Kyoto-style sweet white bean paste


  • Sweet sake
  • Sake
  • Sugar

How TO Make

  1. The Spanish mackerel remove the internal organs.
  2. Wash Spanish mackerel with water, and drain off the water.
  3. Cutting a Spanish mackerel into three slices, and salt it for from 30 to 40 minute.
  4. Wash Spanish mackerel with water once, wipe out moisture.
  5. cut to 6 cm (2.4 in ) width size.
  6. Choose the good-quality Saikyo Miso
  7. Mix SAIKIYOU-MISO with sweet sake and Japanese sake, and keep mixed SAIKIYOU-MISO about 2 days.
  8. Stab a skewer at each end of fillet.
  9. The SAIKIYOU-ZUKE is easy to burnt , it will grill slowly over the faraway fire.
When you bake it at home, please use a grill or an oven.

Kyoto-style sweet white bean paste( SAIKIYOU-MISO)

Mix 75g(2.64 oz) of sweet sake, 75g (2.64 oz) of sugar, 75g(2.64 oz) of sake with 1kg( of Kyoto-style sweet white bean paste, and put it up for 2 days.

The SAIKIYOU-ZUKE is easy to burnt , it will grill slowly over the far-way fire.
As in winter times, miso is a sweet, reduce sweet sake and the sugar.

About the comparison ratio to seasoning.

The seasoning ratio of seasoning displays it by a comparison calculation, please change the size of a measuring cup or the vessel according to the Number of people.

When a fish is used at home, according to the number of people、please purchase size of half or 1/4 of the fish, and pieces of fish in a fish store or a supermarket.


  1. Turn the head of the Japanese Spanish Mackerel to the right.
  2. Pierce the tip of the kitchen knife to behind the chest fin from the head joint.
  3. Cut it diagonally from the upper left to the lower right.
  4. Next, turn the fish to the back side.
  5. Doing the same work as in ③, the stomach side to the up side down, and cut off the joint of the bone in a head side.
  6. Turn the head to the left, and cut the stomach of the fish, and take out the internal organs.
  7. Cut the thin skin along a middle bone, and wash a fish in water, remove the blood and the dirt.
  8. Wipe off the moisture.
  9. Point the fish head side to the right.
  10. Put the tip of kitchen knife in from the ventral side of the head side.
  11. Cut along the middle bone to the tail, and separate one’s body.
  12. In this worked, bones are left on a piece of the half side of fish. (Then this is two sheets of cut down the fish.)
  13. Put the back side of the fish in front.
  14. Cut along the middle bone from the back side to the tail.
  15. Separate the one’s body.
  16. Since the bone remains on the ventral side of the fish, it remove the bone along the ventral side.
  17. Turn over the bone side of the fish.
  18. Next, doing the same work as ⑩~⑪.
  19. Since the bone remains on the ventral side of the another piece of the fish, it remove the bone along the belly.
  20. This is a method which cut the fish into the three pieces.


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