Boil The Very Small Taro Plainly (OCHI-KOIMO SAWANI)

Ochi-koimo ( Taro ) is a small thing of the taro, In Japan, season is a time of the early summer.
Small Ochi-KOIMO (Taro) steame by the salt with the skin.

In this time, we introduce Boil The Very Small Taro Plainly (OCHI-KOIMO SAWANI)


  • Very Small Taro
  • Water of Washed Rice
  • Dried Slice Bonito


  • Japanese Soup Stock
  • Sweet sake
  • Light color soy source
  • Salt
  • Japanese Sake

How To Make

  1. Small Ochi-KOIMO (Taro) is to peel the skin, hand becomes itchy, and It have a hard time very much.
  2. Wash it with water neatly, drop the soil, and dry it in the shade all day.
  3. The skin peels well when rub it with a towel.
  4. Cut the bud of very small taro.
  5. DO simmer in the water of wash rice to by 80% once.
  6. Mix 25 cups Japanese soup stock, 1.2 cups Sweet sake, 1 cup of Light color soy source or ( 0.5cup of Light color soy source, 0.5 cup of salt ).
  7. Simmer with the plenty of soup stock of ⑥.
  8. After cooking, wrapped the dried slice bonito with gaze (OIGATUO).
  9. Place ⑧ on the very small taro, put in the refrigerator overnight.
  10. Put a sansho springs on ⑨ or sprinkle citron.


When simmer the taro white, pease use the salt instead of the Light color soy source.


When cook a thing of the starch such as the small taro, to simmer it soft and plupply, and be sure, please use Japanese sake.


After boiled cooking thing, wrap a bonito in gauze, and put into the pan and cool it. And the taste becomes a very good by the OIGATUO.

About the comparison ratio to seasoning

The seasoning ratio of seasoning displays it by a comparison calculation, please change the size of a measuring cup or the vessel according to the Number of people.

Boil The Very Small Taro Plainly (OCHI-KOIMO SAWANI)

Boil The Very Small Taro Plainly (OCHI-KOIMO SAWANI)


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