Boiled raw tofu skin (NAMA-YUBA) and boiled enoki mushroom

Boild fresh raw tofu skin and boiled enoki mushroom are Light taste.
Delicious taste of the raw tofu skin and chewy of the enoki mushroom are very delicious.
This dish can also be made easily at home.Please make it once by all means.


  • Raw Tofu Skin
  • Enoki- mushroom
  • Honewort
  • Yuzu
  • Dried Slice Bonito


  •  Japanese Soup Stock
  • Sweet Sake
  • Light color soy source
  • Sake


  1. Cut the Raw tofu skin (NAMA-YUBA) to suitable size.
  2. Enoki- mushroom is washing in water quickly, and cut out the lower part.
  3. Honewort is washing in the water, and Cut the axial part to 3 cm length.
  4. Cut off the YUZU into long thin 3cm (1.2in) strips.
  5. Mix 18 of cups of Japanese soup stock, 1 cup of sweet sake, 0.5 cup of sake. 0.2 cup of sugar, and simmer once.
  6. Simmer the raw tofu skin (YUBA) for about 15 minutes with ⑤.
  7. After ⑥,teste comes into the raw tofu skin(YUBA) , and soften up.
  8. At this time, Put the enoki- mushroom and honewort in, and simmer it quickly.
  9. Scatter ④ from above.

About the comparison ratio to seasoning

The seasoning ratio of seasoning displays it by a comparison calculation, please change the size of a measuring cup or the vessel according to the Number of people.


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