Sweetened Boiled Small Live Shrimp

The sweetened boiled small live shrimp is a most suitable as appetize of the liquor.
And, as it is seasoned with a salty-sweet, and it very popular with the chidren.


  • Small Shrimp
  • Starch


  • Soy Source
  • Japanese Sake
  • Rock Sugar
  • Rapeseed oil

How To Make

  1. Wash the small shrimp cleanly, and take the dirt off.
  2. Wash until the water is cleas, and wipe off the water.
  3. Covered the starch with the small shrimp, and deep fry it with the rapeseed oil.
  4. Mix 0.5 cup of soy source, 1 cup of Japanese sake, 2 cups of rock sugar.
    and make the source.
  5. put ④ into the ③, and boll it down a little.

About ratio of seasoning

Calculate the seasoning ratio of seasoning by comparison. Even if the size of a measuring cup or the vessel changes according to the number of people, the taste does not change.


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