Grilled The Salmon Saladas

In Japan, the season of the salmon are September to November and April to July. This time, introduce wrapped a potato salad with the salmon, and grilled it.


  • Salmon
  • Potato
  • Cucumber
  • Carrot
  • Onion
  • Small Potato
  • Asparagus
  • Black Sesame


  • Light color soy source
  • Sweet sake
  • Japanese Sake
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt

How To Make

  1. The salmon remove the scales and the internal organs.
  2. Wash a fish, and wipe off the moisture.
  3. Cut the fish into three pieces, and cut it 5cm(2in) width.
  4. Cut to open in the left and right from the center of the fillet、(Kannon-Biraki)And, do thin salt.
  5. Peel the potatos, to boile it, and the half of the potatos are mash it rudely.
  6. Half of the potatos cut it thickness 3mm(0.1in), and the 2cm(0.08 in ) width corner.
  7. Chop the cucumber, and sprinkle a salt it lightly.
  8. Boil the carrot, and cut it finely.
  9. The onion makes slice.
  10. Sprinkle salt on onion lightly, and put it a few minute.
  11. Peel the small potato in the shape of an mushroom.
  12. Boil ⑪ in salted water, and to bake in a oven.
  13. The asparagus is boiled once, and bake it with the butter.
  14. The black sesame roasts it, and sprinkle to asparagus.
  15. Mix 1 cup of the light color soy source, 1 cup of the sweet sake, 1 cup of the Japanese sake, and make the source.
  16. Mix ⑤~⑨, and mix it with a mayonnaise.
  17. Wrap ⑯ into ④.
  18. To bake ⑰ in the oven, paint ⑮ on the surface of ⑰, and warm it a little.

How To Keep The Sweet And Salty Fish Sauce (UOTARE)

When make many sweet and salty fish sauce (UOTARE), it can be keep in the refrigerator for Long times. In this case, please do not put moisture or water into the UOTARE. If put moisture or water into the UOTARE, it will be decay.


  1. Remove the scales from the fish.
  2. Open the gills lid, and cut it around the gills.
  3. Cut the cranial bone of gills, and cut the bone of the root of the mouth side of gills.
  4. Catch gills and remove it out of the side of the gills lid.
  5. Cut the stomach of the fish, and take out the internal organs.
  6. Cut the thin skin along a middle bone, and wash a fish in water, remove the blood and the dirt.
  7. Wipe off the moisture.
  8. Point the fish ‘s head to the left.
  9. Pierce the tip of the kitchen knife to behind the chest fin from the head joint.
  10. Cut it diagonally from the upper left to the lower right.
  11. Next, turn the fish to the back side.
  12. Doing the same work as in ⑩, the stomach side to the up side down,and cut off the joint of the bone in a head side.
  13. Point the fish head side to the right.
  14. Put the tip of kitchen knife in from the ventral side of the head side.
  15. Cut along the middle bone to the tail, and separate one’s body.
  16. In this worked, bones are left on a piece of the half side of fish.(Then this is two sheets of cut down the fish.)
  17. Put the back side of the fish in front.
  18. Cut along the middle bone from the back side to the tail.
  19. Separate the one’s body.
  20. Since the bone remains on the ventral side of the fish, it remove the bone along the ventral side.
  21. Turn over the bone side of the fish.
  22. Next, doing the same work as ⑭~⑳.
  23. Since the bone remains on the ventral side of the another piece of the fish, it remove the bone along the belly.
  24. This is a method which cut the fish into three pieces.
Grilled Salmon Saladas

Grilled Salmon Saladas




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