Matutake Mushrooms, Mrawns, Kamo Eggplant Dengaku Grilled

Kamo eggplant is the very famous vegetables in Kyoto. There is a rounded, fleshy has a sweet taste, said to top class of quality in the eggplant.

This time, As one of the autumn kaiseki cuisine, Mainly on Kamo eggplant, using Mainly on Kamo eggplant, it is matutake mushroom prawn, razor shell shellfish, Kamo eggplant with Dengaku Tamamiso grilled.


  • Kamo eggplant
  • Tiger prawn
  • Matutake mushroom
  • Razor Shell Shellfish
  • Okra
  • Tama-Miso


  • salt
  • Rape Seed Oil

How to make

  1. Cut the both side of the kamo-eggplant which is the top side and a little Bit a bottom.
  2. When cutting ①,the ones above will be cut to size that the material can enter.
  3. Peel altemating eggplant skin in a vertical direction.
  4. Cut the inside of the eggplant which leaving the bottom part inside.
  5. Fry ④ for in oil of the medium heat.
  6. Sprinkle the hot water once, and pull out the oil, and squeeze lightly.
  7. Place the tama-miso in ⑤.
  8. Bake ⑦ in the oven.
  9. The tiger prawn rounding the back, take a back vein with the skewers,bolling with salt, and remove the head and shell.
  10. The matutake-mushroom the soil of the root, and the grilled it, cut to a thickness of 5mm(0.2in) position.
  11. Sprinkle salt on The adductor muscle of Razor shell shellfish, and grill it.
  12. Boil the okra.
  13. Put ⑨,⑩,⑪into ⑦,and heap up the okra on the kamo-eggplant.

Dengaku white bean paste

  1. Mix 4kg(8.8lb) of the white miso , 1440ml(0.4gal) of the Japanese sake,1800ml(0.5gal) of the sweet sake , put 180g(0.4lb) of the sugar, 20 egg yolks.
  2. Mix it slowly in the double pot about cook over a low heat for one hour.

White bean paste for percentage of the home use

  1. Mix 400g(0.88lb) of the white miso, 145ml(4.9oz) of the Japanese sake, 180ml(6oz) of the sweet sake(Mirin), 90g(3.1oz) of the sugar, 2 egg yolks.
  2. Mix It slowly by in Double pot about cook over a low heat for one hour.
Each dengaku bean paste eggs also put together when you adjust the seasoning, please mix slowly.

Double pot

  1. Prepare big pot and medium pot.
  2. Pour the water into a big pot and boil it.
  3. Put something to cook on a medium pot.
  4. Put the above ③ in a large pot with the pot and slowly mix It while boiling the water.
When make many Dengaku miso, it can be keep in the refrigerator for the long times. In this case, please do not put moisture or water into the dengaku miso. If put moisture or water into the dengaku miso, dengaku miso will be decay.


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