KABAYAKI Of Raw tofu skin YUBA

The kabayaki of Raw tofu skin is one of the vegetarian cooking (SHIYOUJIN-RIYORI).This cooking is using a tofu and raw tofu skin.


  • Raw tofu skin
  • Tofu
  • Abalone of shell


  • Sweet sake
  • Soy Source
  • Rice soy source ( TAMARI-SHIYOYU)
  • Sake

How to make

  1. Scald the tofu once.
  2. Put block and into under one of the cutting board, and make a slant.
  3. Spread gauze on a cutting board.
  4. Put the boiled tofu on the cutting.
  5. Wrap the tofu with gauze, put a cutting board on tofu, and sandwich the tofu.
  6. Then, put  stone weight on the upper cutting board, and draining it well.
  7. After draining water, cut tofu to half of the side, and cut it to half of high, and cut quarter.
  8. Roll up ⑦ with the Raw tofu skin.
  9. Shoot 3 skewers like fun to ⑧, and bake it over a high far heat.
  10. When browning, and put sauce over the top twice.

NOTE: When you bake it at home, please use a grill or an oven


Sauce for fish

  1. Mix 5 cups of sweet sake(Nikiri), 0.9 cup of soy sauce, 1.25cups of tamari rice soy sauce.
  2. Insert dried slice bonito, and warm.


  1. Set fire to sweet sake and pull out alcohol.


Mix seasoning and cook onceby doing a SASHIGATUO into the seasoned soup, the taste will be even better. And It is often used to make soups such as TEMPURA – DASHI, IREDASHI etc.

Insert Dried Slice Bonito

  1. When seasoned soup stock boiled, put a dry sliced bonito into the pot.
  2. Lower the heat once, cook it over a low heat, and stop the heat, wait until a dry sliced bonito sinks.
  3. A dry sliced Bonito sinks, filter it through a lead and warm.

◎:About the comparison ratio to seasoning

The seasoning ratio of seasoning displays it by a comparison calculation, please change the size of a measuring cup or the vessel according to theNumber of people

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