KURUMA-EBI SANSHIYOKU AGE(Three-color deep frying of tiger prawn)

The three-color deep frying of tiger prawn is spring cooking of Japan. Rice granules. The white collar uses rice granules. The brown collar uses Very small rice biscuits. The green collar uses Needle limit laver, This dish is a dish letting you can feel spring.


  • Tiger Prawn
  • Very small rice biscuits
  • Rice granules
  • Needle limit laver
  • Flour
  • Egg
  • Grated Japanese radish
  • Chopping fine green onion
  • Dried slice bonito
  • Attach grated radish with red pepper


  • Japanese soup stock
  • Sweet sake
  • Light color soy sauce
  • Salad oil


  1. Remove a head and shell of the tiger prawn.
  2. Cut the back of the tiger prawn.
  3. Remove the vein of tiger prawn with the knife.
  4. Cut the tip off the tail, press out water with a knife.
  5. Wash the tiger prawn, and wipe off the water.
  6. Put back side down of tiger prawn on the cutting board.
  7. Wind up the back side of the tiger prawn to the tail, and put a skewer to tail of the tiger prawn.
  8. Put on wheat flour to the tiger prawns, and put the tiger prawns into the dissolved egg.
  9. Put on very small rice biscuits, rice granules , needle limit laver, with the ⑧,and deep fry its.
  10. Make IRIDASHI, and, attach grated radish with red pepper and chopping fine white leek.


The IRIDASHI is a suitable for garnished sauce such as the deep-fried fish.

As the IRIDASHI uses the light color soy sauce. When doing deep- fried fish and prawns, IRIDASHI does not damage the original taste of the material.


  1. Mix 6 cups of the soup stock, 1 cup of the sweet sake 1cup of the light color pale soy sauce, and simmer it.
  2. Insert dried slice bonito into pot.


Mix seasoning and cook once, by doing a SASHIGATUO into the seasoned soup, the taste will be even better. And It is often used to make soups such as TEMPURA – DASHI, IREDASHI etc.


  1. When seasoned soup stock boiled, put a dry sliced bonito into the pot.
  2. Lower the heat once, cook it over a low heat, and stop the heat, wait until a dry sliced bonito sinks.
  3. A dry sliced Bonito sinks, filter it through a lead and, warm.
The vegetables, please choose the favorite thing.
In case of if you difficult to make a IRIDASHI, please take a dish with salt or Powdered green tea (MATCHIA) with salt.



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